SAN DIEGO, CA – (February 3, 2015) – Hendrix Wire & Cable Inc., a premier manufacturer of innovative products and services for the electric utility industry, has long been an innovator in the industry, with its Aerial Cable Systems (ACS) leading the way.

In addition to being reliable, environmentally friendly, and economically sound, Hendrix ACS has proven to be a strong asset for utilities in areas prone to fires. Fire mitigation is of key concern for many drier regions in North America and abroad, and Hendrix ACS is a solution to be considered. ACS is less expensive than underground, and requires less tree management over the long term, making it a more environmentally friendly option to the unsightly trimming of trees and cutting back of vegetation.

The basic structure of the ACS product is three covered conductors and a grounded messenger, all run separately and all held together by interspersed spacers that keep the cables strategically positioned along the length of the span. This structure provides great stability from fallen trees and limbs, and vegetation overgrowth. Additionally, if the pole and/or cable does come down, the covered conductor is much less apt to catch fire, versus bare wires, which would tend to arc when broken or compromised in any way.


“Hendrix Aerial is a unique solution that should be considered for fire mitigation in arid, dry climates and areas designated as high-risk zones…For new installations or for retrofitting or replacing existing lines, we’ve had a lot of customers find great success with our ACS as part of a fire mitigation strategy. It’s a great solution.”

Rick Simpson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems


Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems, the company’s flagship product, offers a complete system for storm-hardening and circuit reliability improvement that delivers value immediately through reduced outages, limited environmental impact and maintenance, and lower labor costs. Hendrix ACS enables a speed-to-design capability, pulling together technical data and requirements from the field and designing a solution in weeks, not months. Electric utilities receive a custom-engineered solution, and Hendrix offers specialized products for coastal and heavily wooded areas, long spans, and substation exits.

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About Hendrix
As a member of the Marmon Utility Group of companies, ISO 9001-certified Hendrix is made up of three divisions: Molded Products, Aerial Cable Systems, and Medium Voltage Cable. Since 1951, Hendrix has been a leading manufacturer of quality products and services addressing the needs of the utility market. For more information, call 603.673.2040 or visit