115kV spacer mid-span in a treed area

Spacer Cable for Transmission Voltages

Meet Your Capacity and Reliability Needs More Quickly

Optimize Your Right-of-Way and Plan For Future Capacity Needs

Avoid lengthy land acquisition and permitting processes

Hendrix Spacer Cable systems utilize covered conductor, allowing phase spacing to be much closer together resulting in an extremely compact footprint compared to bare wire. Transmission construction can take decades, and with capacity needs continually increasing, utilities need a solution that works within their existing Right-of-Way.

  • Add multiple circuits in the same span with overbuilds or underbuilds
  • Utilize both sides of the pole with back-to-back circuits
  • Upgrade distribution lines to transmission voltage in an existing ROW

Learn how our 69kV and 115kV Spacer Cable Solutions Solve Transmission Construction Challenges

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115kV overbuild on a 45kV distribution line
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Webinar: Learn More How Spacer Cable Systems Can Help Tackle Transmission Construction Challenges

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Shorten Project Timelines Significantly

By Increasing Capacity In Your Existing Right-of-Way

Horizontal Construction Space Savings

Spacer Cable Systems are so compact they fit in the same space as a typical distribution line.

Since Spacer Cable Systems have such a small footprint, utilities can upgrade distribution lines to transmission voltage in their existing right-of-way. By avoiding land acquisition and permitting processes, utilities can start to realize revenue much sooner.

Vertical Construction Space Savings

Put circuits back-to-back, doubling your capacity needs on the same span without needing taller poles

With covered conductor, phase spacing can be much closer together which results in shorter poles and savings for utilities.


Minimize Your Environmental Impact and Protect Against Wildfires

Hendrix Spacer cable has the potential to save up to 4.8 acres per mile

The construction of transmission lines can have drastic environmental impacts. For example, with traditional bare wire construction, for every mile of 100-foot ROW, approximately 12 acres of trees are lost. Spacer Cable Systems require much less ROW though, allowing utilities to be environmentally conscious while meeting their capacity expansion needs. Transmission construction also carries the risk of wildfires which can result in devastating destruction and lead to substantial fines. Spacer Cable significantly reduces the risk of fire by preventing conductor clashing. Here are additional benefits you can expect with a Hendrix Spacer System.

  • Less loss of trees and vegetation
  • Less destruction of animal habitats
  • Minimized risk of fire by eliminating sparks and flashovers
  • Improved carbon capture

ATCO Electric successfully aligned environmental stewardship with transmission planning

ATCO deployed both a 69kV line and a 25-kV underbuild using an aerial covered conductor in a tree wire configuration to minimize the danger of wildfires while also reducing ROW clearance, thus preserving trees in the environmentally sensitive area of Jasper National Park. Utilities considering 69kV projects are starting to take notice.

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69kV installation in forested area

“We are trimming less trees and protecting the foliage in Jasper National Park because we deployed the Hendrix aerial covered conductor system in a tree wire configuration.”

ATCO Electric

How many trees can a Spacer Cable System save on a 50-mile transmission line?


We’ve Helped Many Utilities Minimize Right-of-Way Clearances, Reduce The Risk of Fire, and Preserve Trees

This video is only a preview of some of the transmission projects we’ve worked on. Reach out today to see if Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable is the right solution for you.

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The migration to covered conductor for transmission voltages will only continue as reliable power becomes ever more crucial. Download a copy of our latest Transmission E-Book on T&D World to learn more how Hendrix Aerial Spacer Systems have helped utilities increase reliability, resiliency, and lower costs.

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115kV spacer midspan with trees in the background

69kV and 115kV Spacer Cable Solutions Offer Many Advantages To Utility Decision Makers

  • Shorter project timelines
  • Reduced ROW
  • Better circuit reliability
  • Aids in wildfire mitigation efforts
  • Minimizes vegetation management
  • Build additional circuits in existing ROW
  • Easier and faster ROW approvals
  • Better public relations
  • Helps achieve regulatory goals in environmental stewardship roadmap
  • Reduced pole height
  • Compact bundle reduces Geometric Mean Distance (GMD), resulting in 15% lower impedance, 15% improved voltage regulation, improved end of line voltage, improved power factor, and better overall quality of service
  • APLIC compliant

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