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Hendrix and Kerite Power Cable For All Your Underground Applications

When you’re underground, it’s important that everything works the way you planned. You want wire and cable that’s easy to use and that will stand up to uncontrolled conditions. You want to maximize performance. At Marmon Utility, we have what you need to get the job done. Why Marmon?

  • Field friendly cable
  • Easy to remove insulation
  • Superior wet performance
  • Contamination control
  • Shorter lead times
Collection of Medium Voltage URD cables cut back to see layers

Medium-Voltage Power Cable (5kV to 35kV)

Hendrix-Kerite Power Cable supplies medium-voltage, primary cable to the electric utility market. The Power Cable business unit markets through two highly respected industry leaders – Hendrix and Kerite, with over 150 years manufacturing experience.

Our advanced Contamination Control maximizes insulation and cable performance.

  • Hendrix purchases the cleanest compound
  • Random trickle sampling of compound ingredients ensures quality control
  • The Hendrix closed compound handling system eliminates exposure to non-controlled environments. Hendrix maintains quality audits for consistent control at all times.

Kerite DR-EPR Power Cable

Discharge Resistant Insulation- Partial discharge is caused by the electrical breakdown of air in the voids within the cable insulation – and it can lead to cable failure.

Only Kerite manufactures a corona resistant insulation system that meets ICEA standard S-94-649-2013.

The test that evaluates discharge resistance of different insulation types (ASTM D2275) shows Kerite HVK Discharge Resistant EPR™ insulation with no insulation erosion after over 250 hours of testing.

Discharge resistance prevents the treeing process in Kerite Discharge Resistant EPR™ insulation and as a result, Kerite cable can last the lifetime of the installation.

Kerite Installation Services Support You From Start to Finish

We start with a cable that has unsurpassed life.

The other difference is our expertise and our people who create the ability to put solutions into motion right away. This is how we deliver value immediately and for decades to come. It makes Hendrix/Kerite Power Cable the most trusted name in the cable business.

  • Complete turnkey project management services for installation
  • Special project executions
  • On-site project management
  • Designs
  • Calculations
  • Testing
  • Documentation



Men working on networks underground


Subsea installation


Riser Installations

Riser Installations



URD Pilc replacement

PILC Cable Replacement

Bridges and Underpasses

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A Rapid Cycle Time Designed for You

Hendrix-Kerite Power Cable offers a rapid-cycle delivery option which is available for high volume products, allowing clients to place orders on an as needed basis for delivery within two weeks time resulting in inventory cost reductions.

“Marmon achieves this every month of every year. No other competitor has anything close to their RCT program.”

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Your utility will have the systems and the product you need to rise to the top when you’re underground. Your work is our mission.

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