Rethink Renewables

Rethink Renewables

Solar install with multiple circuits on a pple

Spacer Cable is Ideal for Solar Applications

This solution offers many advantages compared to traditional overhead construction or undergrounding

  • Increased reliability
  • Multiple circuits on a single pole
  • Improved voltage regulation by 20%
  • Avoid conductor clashing
  • Less ROW needed, more room for solar panel
  • Connect directly to substation bus
  • Environmentally friendly- APLIC compliant
  • Reduced total costs

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We’ve Designed Systems For Some Of The Largest Solar Ranches

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Spacer cable in a solar application above solar panels

First Solar Topaz- Santa Margarita, CA

First Solar Desert Sunlight Solar Ranch- Desert Center, CA

First Solar Antelope Valley Solar Ranch- CA Desert

CG Power Solutions- Power County, ID

Multi-circuit spacer cable construction across from transmission lines

First Solar Silver State- South Primm, NV

Boulder County, NV

Iberdrola Windfarm- NH

Solar Ranch- Calexico, CA

Multiple spacer cable systems installed on the same pole

First Solar McCoy- Blythe, CA

First Solar Stateline- San Bernadino County, CA

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Case Study: Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable Solving Issues with Voltage Drop



Aerial Spacer Cable Systems Result in Cost Savings, Land Savings, and Improved Voltage Regulation

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