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Spacer Cable Systems

The system you can count on when people count on you.

A Complete Spacer Cable System for Improved System Reliability

products and service unmatched in the industry

Hendrix combines a new generation of high performance products with super-responsive service and advanced engineering to answer the challenge.

  • Systems for 15kV – 115kV
  • One-price system including design, on-site install support, and final inspection
  • Complimentary trainings and inspections of older circuits
  • Turnkey Services


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Reduce Outages By 90%

People and businesses around the world depend on utilities for power. Power to heat their homes, to run vital equipment, to live happily in clean, well-lit places. They rely on you. You can rely on Hendrix Spacer Cable Systems.

Our High Strength AWA or AW Messenger Provides Many Benefits

  • Protection from falling branches and trees
  • May be used as the system neutral
  • Shield Wire- provides lightning protection when properly grounded
  • Best conductivity and better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel wire

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Faster restoration times

“Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable system contributes to faster restoration times in major storm events.  When Hurricane Fiona hit our community, the power was restored to 95+% of our customers within three days.”

Greg Gaudet
Director of Municipal ServicesCity of Summerside, PEI, Canada

Spacer Cable Systems Provide Many Benefits To Utilities

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Tight Spaces

Horizontal clearance is reduced by 2’ to 5.5’ with Aerial Spacer Cable

Heavily Treed Areas

Heavily Treed Areas

Messenger provides strengths from 12,000 to 60,000 pounds

Long Spans

Long Spans

Highway and River crossings with installations as long as 1600’

Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfire Mitigation

Substantial reduction in phase to phase or phase to ground contact

Power line running through a forrest

Ecologically Sensitive Areas

Ideal for National Parks, Wildlife Areas & Waterfowl/Migration habitats

115kV Spacer hanging mid-span with trees in the background


Build additional circuits in existing ROW and get easier and faster ROW approvals


Can fit up to 8 circuits on one pole

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Improved voltage regulation by 20% and less ROW required

Substation Exits

Smaller footprint and less real estate needed

Industrial Applications

Significant reliability improvements, reduced clearances, and multiple circuits on a single pole

69kV and 115kV Solution

This Spacer Cable Solution for power transmission offers many advantages to utility decision makers including:

  • Reduced right-of-way
  • Compact bundle reduces GMD, resulting in 15% lower impedance, 15% improved voltage regulation, improved end of line voltage, improved power factor, and better overall quality of service
  • Better circuit reliability
  • Used as a key component in Wildfire Mitigation strategy
  • Minimizes vegetation management
  • Build additional circuits in existing ROW
  • Easier and faster ROW approvals
  • Better public relations
  • Helps achieve regulatory goals in Environmental Stewardship Roadmap
  • Reduced pole height
  • APLIC compliant

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115kV spacer midspan with trees in the background
Solar install with multiple circuits on a pple

Spacer Cable for Renewable Applications

This solution offers many advantages compared to traditional overhead construction or undergrounding.

  • Increased reliability
  • Multiple circuits on a single pole
  • Improved voltage regulation by 20%
  • Avoid conductor clashing
  • Less ROW needed, more room for solar panel
  • Connect directly to substation bus
  • Environmentally friendly- APLIC compliant
  • Reduced total costs

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We’ve Designed Systems For Some Of The Largest Solar Ranches

This video is only a preview of some of the renewable projects we’ve worked on. Reach out today to see if Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable is the right solution for you.

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