SAN DIEGO, CA – (February 3, 2015) – Hendrix Wire & Cable Inc., based in Milford, NH, has long been a leader in the electric utility industry as a premier manufacturer of innovative products and services. Hendrix is now introducing new ways to accelerate the aerial cable acquisition process – and significantly lower the total installed cost – of its Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems (ACS).

Hendrix ACS is a viable alternative for 15kV to 46kV overhead covered conductor installations where reliability has been a concern and is ideal for handling tough applications, such as substation exits, underbuilds, and long spans, or environmentally sensitive areas like coastal or heavily wooded installations. And now Hendrix is offering new ways to decrease circuit design time, improve process efficiency during installation, and lower overall costs.

By using its own field apps, FieldCOM and FieldENG, Hendrix is reducing circuit design and proposal times to three weeks, making the right actions happen without delay. The apps are the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive way to capture data and to design aerial cable systems. From there, Hendrix utilizes its experience, sophistication, and industry know-how to identify exactly what resources are required to efficiently complete the job, so there’s little wasted time and money. Rapid cycle times for product and delivery expedite the entire process even more.

Another key facet of the Hendrix ACS initiative is to offer custom lengths, again challenging industry norms that typically have set lengths of cable offered. The primary benefit of a custom length offering is that the customer ends up purchasing only what is needed, oftentimes saving significant dollars as a result.


“Hendrix has always been a leader in the industry, as it relates to product innovation and services offered…Now it’s time to package these capabilities and let utilities know that there’s a fast, affordable way to improve problem circuit reliability. At the end of the day it’s all about getting our aerial cable up quickly – and providing the greatest overall value, immediately and for years to come.”

Greg Smith, President of Marmon Utility


Smith added that Hendrix ACS delivers value immediately through lower up-front costs, and over the long term through increased reliability (reduced outages), limited environmental impact, reduced maintenance, and lower labor costs over the life of the cable.

For more information about Hendrix ACS, please visit or call 603.673.2040. To find out more about getting a proposal in less than three weeks, please visit

About Hendrix
As a member of the Marmon Utility Group of companies, ISO 9001-certified Hendrix is made up of three divisions: Molded Products, Aerial Cable Systems, and Medium Voltage Cable. Since 1951, Hendrix has been a leading manufacturer of quality products and services addressing the needs of the utility market. For more information, call 603.673.2040 or visit