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Vise Top Stringing Tool

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The Vise Top Stringing Tool is an injection molded glass filled Acetal installation tool that allows a conductor – bare or covered – to be pulled directly through the Hendrix Vise Top Insulator without the need of a stringing block.


  • Eliminates the need for a separate stringing block 
  • No transferring of the conductor – the conductor is already in the insulator saddle
  • Hot-stick friendly – can be used either by hand or with a hot-stick
  • Multiple installations - stainless steel wear bands supports many installations
  • Cost Savings on crew time in the field - reduces the number of “Up & Downs” during construction


Catalog Number
For Use On
VTST-1 Two-piece Acetyl construction with stainless steel wear bands
Vise Top(VT) Insulators
VTST-2 Two-piece glass-filled nylon construction with stainless steel wear bands and zinc-plated coupling ring
Vise Top(VT) and Universal Vise Top(VTU) Insulators