Hendrix Insulator on a crossarm on clear day

Hendrix Vise Top Insulators

Dependable Performance and Delivery

Optimize Your Time and Safety While Avoiding Hidden Costs

Since 1965, Hendrix has been the innovator of HDPE distribution insulators. installed on all 7 continents, Our products have proven themselves repeatedly in the toughest conditions around the world.


Reduce Inventory & Prevent Project Delays

Eliminate ties and the need to carry significant stock thanks to our short lead times and consistent on-time-delivery. Our insulators are proudly made in the USA in Amherst, NH and have a 2-4 week lead time.

Minimize Scrap & Damaged Material

Vise Top insulators won’t chip, crack or break, are vandal resistant, and are even ballistics proof. They are also reusable and recyclable.

Increase Installation Efficiency

Our Vise Top insert design allows it to be used with covered and bare conductor. It’s clamping mechanism with shear bolts reduces installation time by more than half.

Increase Installation Safety & Reliability

Eliminates body injuries due to being 30-40% lighter-weight. Our proprietary compound formulation provides greater track resistance, and we offer optional flame retardant or high temperature material.

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Case Study

Polyethylene Insulators For Public Power

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Vise Tops Significantly Increase System Reliability

Our HDPE Insulators exceed ANSI mechanical and electrical requirements and offer many advantages over traditional porcelain

Guaranteed for life

  • Higher Puncture Strength
  • Longer Leakage Distance
  • Higher Impulse Strength
  • Better Hydrophobicity
  • Ultraviolet Resistant
  • Greater Track Resistance
  • RUS Approved

Vise Top Group shot with 3 sizes

One of the main reasons for a switch from porcelain was the cost savings related to installation. The crews would not have to hand tie the porcelain pin insulators.”

Snohomish PUD in Washington state
Vise Top on a cross arm in the sky

The Safest, Quickest, And Easiest Insulator To Install

Vise Tops are extremely user friendly and save utilities valuable time and money

  • Lightweight
  • Direct interchangeability with porcelain
  • Accepts bare or covered conductor
  • Eliminates the need for ties
  • Reusable and Recyclable
  • Flame Retardant and High Temperature versions available

High density polyethylene is lightweight; one person can easily install the insulator. That’s less costly, takes less time, and there’s much lower risk of back injury for our workers.”

City of St George Utah

Polymer Insulators Are Replacing their Porcelain Counterparts

  View Our webinar

This webinar focuses on the difference between porcelain and polymer insulators, the reasons polymer insulators are quickly becoming the preferred over their porcelain counterparts, and what benefits accrue from the change to polymer. Also covered are the advantages of Vise Top insulators over Tie Top insulators, with the presentation of an economic analysis comparing the alternatives.

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