High Voltage Power Cable

Kerite High Voltage (HV) cable is engineered for the longest service life of any transmission cable in the industry. Backed by complete factory and technical support services, Kerite comes through on the commitment to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership. Kerite high voltage power cable comes in voltages ranging from 46kV thru 138kV for power transmission applications.

5 reasons why Kerite is the best high voltage underground cable


  1. Discharge Resistant Insulation

    Partial discharge is caused by the electrical breakdown of air in the voids within the cable insulation – and it can lead to cable failure.

    Only Kerite manufactures a corona resistant insulation system that meets ICEA standard S-94-649-2013.

    The test that evaluates discharge resistance of different insulation types (ASTM D2275) shows Kerite HVK Discharge Resistant EPRTM insulation with no insulation erosion after over 250 hours of testing.

    Discharge resistance prevents the treeing process in Kerite Discharge Resistant EPRTM insulation and as a result, Kerite cable can last the lifetime of the installation.

  2. Permashield®

    Permashield non-conducting stress control layer – a Kerite exclusive.

    Permashield is a high specific inductive capacity (SIC) material with insulating properties, and it delivers superior stress relief between the conductor and the insulation layer.

    During extrusion, Kerite performs a continuous 2kV DC production test for stress control layer continuity. The result is a robust cable design with stable long term AC cable strength and impulse breakdown levels.

  3. Transient Attenuation

    The longer the cable length, the greater the amount of attenuation.

    Kerite cables provide a superior level of high frequency attenuation, and add another level of protection to the distribution system.

    Background: Kerite cable’s electrical properties cause the rate of rise of high frequency impulses to lengthen. These transient voltage spikes can cause transformer windings to short – even if the maximum voltage of the transient is below the transformer’s Basic Impulse Level (BIL).

    Kerite cable is four times more effective in attenuating transients than EPR cable from other manufacturers and significantly outperforms TR-XLPE.

  4. Long Service Life

    Cable life is a function of design properties, manufacturing, and installation. We’re confident enough to warranty Kerite cable for life.

    While the lifetime of TR-XLPE insulated cables is up to 40 years, failures can be expected to start occurring at the cable half-life of 20 years.

    Kerite has never experienced any field related insulation failures for its EPR cables, so the half-life of Kerite cable has not been reached - despite its field use for over 50 years.

  5. Superior Wet Performance

    Kerite’s proprietary EPR insulation is unaffected by moisture.

    Kerite cable will perform without failure in the typical utility trouble spots: flooded vaults, water-soaked conduit and high ground water applications.

    Kerite cables were used in the first submarine applications over 120 years ago.

    Kerite submarine cables are installed in the harshest marine environments.

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