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Hendrix ACS for Solar Installations

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Solar farms face their own energy challenges 

Large solar energy installations are fine for collecting renewable power and converting it from DC to AC, but they still need to move the energy onto the grid. When underground cable and bare wire aren’t right for the job, aerial cable systems provide a ready response


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See how Hendrix aerial cable systems (ACS) provide a solution for solar farm applications. 

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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Proven products, advanced technology, and premium services come together to offer utilities new ways of optimizing circuit performance.

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Case Study

Case Study: Solar installations: Where aerial cable systems outperform underground cable and bare wire. 


Solar farms have commonly used underground cable or bare wire for moving solar energy. But underground circuits are compromised by high soil temperatures and bare wire circuits are prone to outages in high winds.  

This case study shows why Hendrix ACS is a much more efficient and economically viable solution for solar farm or solar ranch applications.