Distribution insulators earn Department of Agriculture (RUS) approval for improving electrical reliability

Two comprehensive insulator lines from Hendrix have earned the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Services (RUS) approval for products that are considered essential to improve life in rural communities.

Vise Top Pin insulators and Clamp Top/Tie Top Line Post insulators are the latest Hendrix products to become RUS-approved products.

These two products join Hendrix Tie-Top Pin insulators, which had previously earned RUS approval for their role in helping co-op utilities improve electric power delivery in rural communities. All of these products are Made in the USA.

“This is good news for people who live in rural and remote areas, where electrical reliability is so critical,” said Ken Woo, General Manager of Hendrix Molded products. “These products will help harden power distribution systems against storms, vandalism, and environmental factors. It’s also good for Hendrix, as we continue our mission to upgrade electrical infrastructure at every level.”

Hendrix Vise-Top Insulators are pin-type insulators that incorporate a clamping mechanism into the top of the insulator to provide consistent, quicker and easier conductor installation.

Hendrix Clamp Top Line Post Insulators are molded from a proprietary blend of track-resistant, high-density polyethylene. They are ideal for use with all types of construction where post insulators are used with bare wire and system hardening
Hendrix Molded Products is part of Marmon Utility LLC, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, and their headquarters are located in Amherst NH. For more information on Hendrix products, contact Scott Graves/603-732-8430.