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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems 4-Part Webinar Series. 

We pride ourselves on significantly improving system resilience and reliability, ensuring the lights stay on! This 4-part webinar series aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Spacer Cable Systems, covering everything from system applications, installation methods, and restoration techniques.

Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable 101
Thurs. April 29, 2021 1:00 PM Central Time

Learn from an expert the mechanical, electrical and technical aspects of Covered Aerial Cable Systems. We’ll cover the fundamentals of spacer cable systems, discuss its many advantages, and review applications for which this system would be an ideal solution to minimize outages and significantly improve reliability.
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Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable vs. Tree Wire vs. Bare Conductor Circuits
Thurs. May 20, 2021 1:00 PM Central Time

Have you heard the cable terms Tree Wire, Insulated Wire, Hendrix Spacer Wire? Although commonly thought of as synonymous products, each has its own distinct composition and best use applications. This webinar will cover the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each in their niche applications.
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Spacer Cable Installation
Thurs. June 10, 2021 1:00 PM Central Time

A properly designed and installed Hendrix Spacer Cable System will provide a lifetime of low maintenance and highly reliable service. Despite the unique configuration, it can be installed using many of the same practices already familiar to distribution line workers. We will detail the specifics of proven installation techniques for Hendrix Spacer Cable systems, including our typical “Roll-by” and “Pole-by-Pole” methods.
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Restoration & Safety
Thurs. June 24, 2021 1:00 PM Central Time

Just as important as the proper installation of a Hendrix Aerial Spacer Cable System, is the ability to properly restore your circuit should the need arise. Restoration procedures and common practices will be reviewed, along with necessary safety considerations, to ensure you’re prepared to maintain your Spacer Cable System.
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Note: At the completion of each webinar, participants may request a Certificate of Completion, which may be used to submit to your PE boards for CEU credit.

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