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Power Cable Services

With engineering expertise that can facilitate any service and solve any issue you face. Find out why a growing number of utilities place their trust in us.


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Engineering & Cable Services

Hendrix/Kerite Cable Services combine high voltage (HV) or medium voltage cable with a turnkey engineering and installation package for a single-source solution to any cable challenge. So while we start with a cable that has unsurpassed life, our expertise and our people create the ability to put solutions into motion right away. This is how we deliver value immediately and for decades to come. It makes Hendrix/Kerite Power Cable the most trusted name in the cable business.

Rapid Cycle Time

Hendrix/Kerite Power Cable offers a rapid-cycle delivery option which is available for high volume products, allowing clients to place orders on an as needed basis for delivery within two weeks time resulting in inventory cost reductions.

FieldCalc Pro

Designed specifically for utility and consulting engineers, Kerite® FieldCalc Pro brings utility and consulting engineers a powerful tool that quickly solves common power cable design calculations. FieldCalc Pro employs built-in calculators that allow users to enter parameters for their application into the appropriate calculator and the App automatically provides the solution.

Available for Apple and Android devices. 



Cable Monitoring

Marmon Sensing Solutions offers fiber optic temperature monitoring systems for performance optimization and hotspot detection and location. Visit MarmonSensing.com


Cable Prospector gives you 24 X 7 access to manufacturer's on hand available inventory of MV Underground & Overhead Power Cable. Visit CableProspector.com