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Power Cable Resources

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Hendrix: A Culture of Quality 
Hendrix Cable in Conduit
Kerite Dielectric Loss Considerations
Kerite Engineering Handbook
Kerite Field Friendly Cable
Kerite High-Voltage & Subsea Cable Installation Solutions
Kerite Long Service Life
Kerite PILC Replacement Cable
Kerite Permashield
Kerite Superior Wet Performance
Power Cable Longitudinal Corrugated Tape Shield
Power Cable Catalog: MV, HV, PILC Replacement
Power Cable Rapid Cycle Time
Power Cable Tactile Phase Marking

FieldCalc Pro

Designed specifically for utility and consulting engineers, Kerite® FieldCalc Pro brings utility and consulting engineers a powerful tool that quickly solves common power cable design calculations. FieldCalc Pro employs built-in calculators that allow users to enter parameters for their application into the appropriate calculator and the App automatically provides the solution.

Available for Apple and Android devices. 




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