Kerite preassembled aerial cable for grid hardening

Near-underground reliability in an above-ground solution

Upgrading system performance sometimes means underground cable installation. But when that’s not an option, preassembled aerial cable can provide a solution that works – even when existing pole configurations make it complicated. 

See how Kerite preassembled aerial cable overcomes installation challenges to harden systems in heavily treed areas. 


Preassembled Aerial Cable

Kerite Preassembled Aerial cable is an easy and inexpensive method for running open wire circuits under a bridge and a lower-cost alternative for underground feeders and circuits.

Case Study

Case Study: Washington DC: Hardening the grid in tree-heavy areas 


To maintain and upgrade its 640-square-mile service area, Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) needed to upgrade circuits, add feeders, and harden its grid in heavily treed areas. The existing poles were crowded, and replacing them was simply too expensive. 

This case study shows how the strength and easy installation of Kerite preassembled aerial cable improves reliability even on busy poles at or near their capacity.