Kerite subsea cable extends power to expanding areas

Mainland-to-Island power cable projects enable economic growth

Electricity powers progress, but when growing communities in inaccessible areas need more power, complexities arise on the journey “from termination top to termination top.”

See how we used hundreds of years of expertise in subsea cable and engineering expertise to deliver the right outcome – on a tight timeline.


Subsea Cable

Kerite subsea cable performs wherever you need it. Our cable design withstands the most adverse submarine and wet conditions imaginable. Commonly used for flooded vaults, water-soaked conduit, and high-groundwater applications.

Case Study

Case Study: Michigan: Kerite goes to work in the Upper Peninsula


Drummond Island is called “the Gem of the Huron” and has a growing number of resort communities as well as a major producer of dolomite, which is used in steel, glass, and paper. Two subsea cables had to be replaced the ensure power supply in the present – and anticipate the requirements of the future.

This case study shows how Kerite designed and implemented a solution that served the project requirements and respected the environment.