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Underground Cable Replacement

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Electrical reliability is where public safety meets public service

In densely populated urban settings, foot traffic, vehicular traffic, and residential buildings combine to create challenging circumstances when it’s time to replace failing power cable.


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See how we navigated the complexities of urban cable replacement in 6 weeks, with 100% safety and reliability.

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High Voltage Cable

Our High Voltage (HV) cable is engineered for the longest service life of any transmission cable in the industry. Backed by complete factory and technical support services.

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Case Study

Case Study: Allentown, PA: Kerite coordination at work


When the backup to a main circuit feeding power to some 18,000 Allentown residents failed, the local utility required a long-term solution in a near-term timeframe. Failure of the main feed to the 20-block area would leave tens of thousands of residents and businesses in the dark. 

This case study shows how the Kerite team balanced safety, service, and performance to solve a significant problem one month ahead of what the utility anticipated.