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Molded Products Storm Support 

Hendrix normal office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm. When a Storm Emergency situation arises during non-work hours, customers, distributors and reps should use the following contact list “24/7” to reach Hendrix for emergency shipments and service.  

  1. Contact your Hendrix Sales Rep first.
  2. If you cannot reach the local rep, please contact the below Hendrix personnel:  
  3. Carol Burke, Account Manager, Molded Products: 603-249-1259
    Scott Graves, Director of Sales and So. Regional: 603-732-8430 (cell)
    Bob Plourde, N. American Sales Representative, 603-831-8737 (cell)
    Gregg Neitzke, Western Regional Sales Representative: 480-268-0453  (cell)

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