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High Temperature – HT Insulator

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Peak demand periods can drive distribution circuits well above normal 70º conductor ratings. Hendrix High Density Polyethylene insulators have a melt temperature of 130ºC, making them suitable for all normal circuit loading conditions and most emergency rating conditions. In some extreme situations where long duration high-current overloads are experienced, conductors have melted into the head or neck of an insulator. Upgrading conductors, transformers and switchgear is not always feasible, so Hendrix developed a High Temperature insulator for these situations. 


Hendrix developed a patented polyethylene insulator blend (US7501469, US8324504) for extreme conductor overload conditions. Meet the "HT" High Temperature insulators. 


  • Withstands higher sustained temperatures from overload events
  • Meets all ANSI C29 electrical and mechanical requirements
  • Won't chip, crack or break
  • Direct replacement for porcelain insulators

Currently Available: 

  • HPI-55-4-HT
  • HPI-55-5-01-HT
  • HPI-25-01-HT
  • HPI-25-02-HT
  • HPI-35-01-HT
  • Consult factory for all other inquiries

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