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Hendrix high density polyethylene insulators outperform porcelain

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High density polyethylene insulators have significant advantages

Hendrix invented and developed the molded insulator into what it is today – a solution to aging porcelain insulators. The range of options now includes vise top insulators that install easily, and are guaranteed for life.


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HDPE insulators offer a superior alternative and are guaranteed for life. .

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Hendrix Molded Products

Hendrix HPI insulators exhibit superior electrical and mechanical characteristics as compared to wet process porcelain. They are also light weight, vandal resistant, won't chip, crack or break, and are field proven in harsh environments

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Case Study

Case Study: Polyethylene vs Porcelain: There’s no argument


Across the country, as porcelain insulators crack, chip, and break in transit, during installation, and throughout their service life, utilities see the advantages of HDPE insulators: Tough, light, easy to install, and compatible with covered conductors.

This short case study demonstrates how Hendrix HDPE insulators perform in the field.