ACS Apps put the right tools where required

Hendrix ACS works the way our customers do – fully connected and fully informed. Here are the specialized apps we have built for communication, data access, and effective connection to the field through mobile devices.


Reduces engineering design cycle time, reduces the utility’s workload, and decreases the project timeline and costs. A proprietary mobile app for Field integration with Hendrix Design Engineering & Inspection System. Staking, circuit(s), pole assembly, detail, GPS data capture, images and field notes. 


Provides expedited communication of field data. A public, customer mobile app for expedited field communication with Hendrix Support Center. Voice, video, pictures, GPS, pole routes, pole locations and Google Earth KML.

System Engineer

Accelerates circuit design and inspection processes. A proprietary cloud based app for developing system design, proposals, cost estimates, inspections and inspection reports. 

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