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ACS Services

Our goal is to maximize system circuit reliability and installation efficiency. We offer a complete solution, or any customized subset of products and services that achieves this goal. Here’s an overview.


Working at every level


  • Site review and walk downs
  • Application review & recommendation
  • Pole loading & guying
  • Preparation of design and engineering documents
  • Circuit drawing, circuit bill of material, parts list
  • 3rd party design review

Project management

  • Project coordination & monitoring
  • Contractor / construction evaluation 
  • Contractor support
  • Managing communications & actions


  • Material planning and procurement
  • Customer supply coordination
  • Project kitting & labeling
  • Optimized cable and messenger cut lengths 
  • Shipment planning per project / Direct ship to site


  • On-site crew training and support
  • On-site construction management
  • Remote engineering support
  • Post construction system inspection and certification
  • As-installed documentation

Preventative maintenance

  • Inspection according to service level agreement
  • Recommendations for repair or improvement
  • Support for emergency repair and restoration efforts
  • Expedited material delivery
  • Storm/Repair Kits