Component Catalog


Component Catalog

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Product Type Catalog Number Product Description Catalog Section
Cable S.... Covered Conductors - Spacer Cable Systems 2.1 - 2.3
T.... Covered Conductors - Tree Wire Systems 2.4 - 2.6
S....,T.... 90°C Overhead Covered Conductors 2.7
Tie Wire Tie Wire Covered Tie Wire 2.8
Tap Wire TAP02….TAP04….TAP06 Covered Tap Wire 2.9
Ground Wire GW02....GW04 Insulated Ground Wire 2.10
Spacers MSG Messenger Wire - Spacer Cable Systems 2.11

RTL-15/46/GO95 3 Phase Spacers 2.12
RTL-20V Single Phase Spacer 2.13
Brackets BM-14,BM 24 Tangent Brackets 2.14
BAS-14F/14S/24F Anti Sway Brackets 2.15 - 2.16
  BM-14FXM Flex Brackets 2.17
TS-1, MC-2 Tangent Bracket Stirrup, Messenger Clamps 2.18
BA3-15, BA3-35 Angle Brackets 2.19
BA4-15/BA4-35 Angle Brackets 2.20
BA6-15 Angle Bracket 2.21
BA6-15-25C Horizontal Brackets 2.22
BA1-PP Pole Cornering Plate 2.23
BD-35 Dead-End Bracket 2.24
BV-35 Vertical Tap 2.25
BT3-35 Transformer Tap Bracket 2.26
PSAC Stringing Angle Clamp 2.27
Hardware CMA-1/2, UB Angle Clamps and U-Bolt 2.28
2IP Double Insulator Plate 2.29
SSP-2, LSP-1 Insulator Pins 2.30
SC, TC, HDTC Clevises 2.31

DEINS15/25/35 Polymer Dead-End Insulators 2.32

XPT-30 Pole Top Extension 2.33
XPT-60/60H/75/75H Pole Top Extension 2.34

CG-0111 thru CG-0128 Conductor Dead-End Grips 2.35

Grips/Splices Messenger Dead-End Grips/Splices 2.36

KM.... Cold Shrink Splice Cover Kits - Type KM 2.37 - 2.39
Installation PBR-3DR, TM-SDR, TL-30 Roll By Block, Messenger Trolley, Tag Line 2.40
TMG, PAT-1 Tubular Messenger Guide, Angle Tensioning Block 2.41
PAS-1 Angle Stringing Block 2.42
BJ Slack Bracket 2.43
CMC-2 Underarm Messenger Clamp 2.44
ST2900 & WS.... Stripping Tools 2.45
AMB Aerial Messenger Bucket 2.46
SG-1 Sag Gauge 2.47
ET-01 Aerial Installation Trailer 2.48