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115kV Spacer Cable

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Product Image


The 115kV Spacer Cable Transmission Solution

Use Hendrix 115kV Aerial Cable Systems and get Reduced ROW, Increased ROI, and Environmental Protection.

Key spacer cable features

  • Hendrix spacer cable has three layers of polymers to provide superior BIL, AC Withstand, and control of charging current on the outside jacket.
  • The three layers include:
    • SC strand shield designed to minimize electric stresses, improve BIL, and lengthen useful service life
    • Unfilled HMWPE middle layer for electrical properties, as well as low density for easier stripability
    • An HDPE outer layer with high track resistance, UV stability, and high abrasion resistance to protect the cable from the environment

​Start taking advantage of Spacer Cable in a transmission system application

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