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Hendrix Aerial Cable for compact installations

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Power cable installations have their own aesthetics

Industrial complexes often have narrow access points and compact footprints that make circuit installation complicated.


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Hendrix aerial cable systems work within compact spaces to produce reliable results. 

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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Proven products, advanced technology, and premium services come together to offer utilities new ways of optimizing circuit performance.

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Case Study

Case Study: South Carolina: Edisto Electric Co-Op powers a large industrial complex


Edisto had to run a 2,500-foot circuit from substation to a 500-acre facility through a narrow right of way. The local Hendrix representative company, Atlantic Power Sales, suggested a Hendrix aerial cable system to address the compact footprint and the need for reliability. 

This short case study demonstrates how the right aerial cable system can master almost any environment and look good doing it.