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Hendrix ACS for protected environments 

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Sensitive areas need power and environmental protection 

People love to visit pristine areas, but they also want electricity no matter where they travel. The challenge is: How to deliver power that will support the economic growth of tourism-dependent areas, while preserving the natural beauty that made them successful in the first place. 


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See how Hendrix aerial cable systems (ACS) deliver power and protect the environment. 

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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Proven products, advanced technology, and premium services come together to offer utilities new ways of optimizing circuit performance.

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Case Study

Case Study: Canada: Jasper National Park gets the power it needs to grow 



Alberta’s Jasper National Park is high in the Canadian Rockies. A length of 1950s power distribution was at the end of its service life, and the Park’s leadership needed a solution.  

Read the short case study to learn how Hendrix installed an aerial cable system that delivers power where it’s needed, crossing 6 km, three rivers, and withstanding heavy wind and ice conditions.