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Hendrix ACS for Long Spans

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System expansion sometimes means rising to the occasion 

Getting electrical power to remote areas gets complicated when it means crossing a 1600-foot span of mostly water.  


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See how Hendrix aerial cable systems (ACS) provide a far-reaching solution to covering long spans

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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Proven products, advanced technology, and premium services come together to offer utilities new ways of optimizing circuit performance.

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Case Study

Case Study: Indiana: Bringing power across a 1600-foot span 


The Carroll White Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC) needed to rebuild a substation and at the same time, upgrade the power to the nearby Lake Shafer community, where sewer line upgrades made it possible for 3-season homes to become year-round residences.  

This case study details how Hendrix aerial cable systems overcame a 1600-foot span to deliver power that has been uninterrupted for 10+years.