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Hendrix ACS for Fire Mitigation

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Some environments have bigger fire safety risks than others.

Some examples: Remote areas that fire emergency resources cannot reach. Arid environments where dry air increases the likelihood of accidental ignitions. Or places where wind can accelerate the spread of fire.


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Our solution combines Hendrix messenger cable, spacers, and covered conductors to drastically reduce the chance of fire in the event of a pole or cable failure.

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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems

Proven products, advanced technology, and premium services come together to offer utilities new ways of optimizing circuit performance.

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Case Study

Colorado: A proving ground for Hendrix Aerial Cable


United Power, the 2nd largest electrical cooperative in Colorado, had a challenge: Provide a single-phase, 2.8 mile, 7.2 kV aerial cable system that would mitigate fire risk to the greatest extent possible in the remote, mountainous areas spanned by their infrastructure.

This case study demonstrates how aerial cable systems - in addition to reduced tree trimming, wildlife protection, and storm hardening - ensure system performance by reducing the risk of fire-related damage.