Tough Challenges


Handling the toughest electrical distribution challenges

A summary of what Hendrix ACS can bring to the most challenging environments in the field.

Substation exits

  • Increase reliability and reduce animal and storm damage protection costs
  • Eliminate animal outages locking out station breakers
  • Reduce spacing between conductors and reduce clearance requirements
  • Reduce right-of-way requirements by placing multiple circuits on a pole

Coastal areas

  • Reduce risk associated with insulator flashover and pole fires
  • Greater longevity and reduced corrosion due to superior conductor covering

Long spans

  • Cost effective way of crossing spans as long as 1600 feet
  • Minimize potential for downed conductors in critical areas
  • Dramatically reduce costs compared to submarine cable or building around a shoreline


  • Achieve significant savings by using existing poles
  • Building under existing energized circuit can save time and money while providing continual service
  • Use in substation exits will greatly reduce the cost of adding capacity

Heavily treed or ecologically sensitive areas

  • Reduces tree trimming costs
  • Improves community relations
  • System protection from adverse weather conditions and wildlife exposure
  • Reduces tree trimming costs

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