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Our Brands

Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems
, a Marmon Utility business unit, invented the Aerial Cable System over 50 years ago and engineers and installs the most reliable overhead circuits today.

Hendrix Molded Products
is a leader in the design and engineering of molded polymer medium voltage polymer insulators and avian protection. Our work strengthens and supports the electric power infrastructure of countries around the world.

Power Cable includes the following: 


  • Hendrix medium voltage power cable, manufactured using an innovative contamination control process invented by Hendrix, delivers the most reliable TR-XLPE 15kV to 35kV underground cable on the market. Hendrix power cable has the shortest lead times in the industry.

  • Kerite manufactures 15kV to 138Kv medium and high voltage EPR insulated underground power cable, subsea cable and preassembled aerial cable. Kerite Cable Services is a turnkey engineering and installation company for the installation of 46kV to 138 kV high voltage cable systems in a variety of substation, subsea and specialty applications.

  • Kerite's Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) business unit makes power cable for oil and gas wells where extreme conditions demand the highest level of performance.